8 responses to “Eriophorum scheuchzeri”

  1. Adolf Ceska

    This is most probably Eriophorum scheuchzeri.

  2. Mary Meyer

    An amazing and versatile plant. Thanks for this information.


    i remember seeing huge masses of this plant growing in the Scottish highlands many years ago; a spectacular sight, Thanks for the lovely photo and the information.

  4. Tammy Mackay

    Looks like baby Truffula Trees from the Lorax;)

  5. Bliss McIntosh

    In the Shetland Islands they call it “Lucky’s Oo” (wool)

  6. Gillian Taylor

    This plant used, and hopefully still grows in boggy spots on the moors in the North of England. I’m a handspinner and would love to spin some, if anyone has some.

    1. Cindy

      That was my immediate thought, Ms Taylor. Wonder if any ancient people had done any cloth building with this plant.

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