9 responses to “Delphinium menziesii subsp. menziesii”

  1. Linda Bush

    I absolutely love the clear and vibrant blue colour of these blooms!

  2. Moralea Milne

    Gorgeous and a very good year for them!

  3. Moya Drummond

    I’d love to see that “medley”
    Moya Drummond

  4. Wendy Cutler

    Wonderful colours in what’s probably a life-size photo.

    Thanks for the link to the Trees in all Seasons page. A lot of the photos are viewable right there.

  5. Lynn Wohlers

    That lovely blue – not an easy flower to photograph, I know from experience. It would be fun to see a local wildflower medley – you have my vote!

  6. Peggy Menzie

    So lovely, my last name is Menzie, thanks for your great research on Archibald Menzies. I have a 14 yr. old, 25′ tall, Arbutus menziesii, in my front yard, it came from the Santa Cruz mountains in Northern CA, it’s a beauty!

  7. David Eickhoff

    Excellent photo capture Ursula! Seeing these beautiful gems en masse on my hikes, in Oregon and Washington where I grew up, brings back wonderful memories.

    As Peggy mentioned, the species epithet menziesii refers to Archibald Menzies (1754-1842) a Scottish surgeon, naturalist and botany artist. He traveled to places such as Chile, western North America, New Zealand, Australia, and the Hawaiian Islands where he gathered some 400 species new to science. Menzies identified several native Hawaiian plants on three his voyages to the islands. Some plants were named in behalf of him: Abutilon menziesii, Astelia menziesiana, Bidens menziesii, Bonamia menziesii, Cibotium menziesii, Coprosma menziesii, Cyrtandra menziesii, Dubautia menziesii, Exocarpos menziesii, Schiedea menziesii and Vicia menziesii. In fact, four of these I have growing in my yard here in Hawai’i nei. (see my Flickr Photostream for photos)

    My first encounter with the surname Menzies was the Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) named for David Douglas and one of the first botanical names I learned in my high school botany class.

    PS Cool story Peggy! Sadly, Archie and his wife were childless. So, I guess no claim to fame here. 🙁

  8. David Eickhoff

    Oh, sorry Daniel! :p Nice photo!

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