6 responses to “Urospermum dalechampii”

  1. michael aman

    This tettigonia certainly is a vivid viridissima LOL, well named

  2. michael aman

    Could this be closely related to Cichorium intybus? The leaf shape, the flower layout, the bitterness, its invasiveness and preference for roadsides all remind me of chicory.

    1. Tierney R Rosenstock

      They’re most certainly in the same family

  3. Quin Ellis

    Love this combination of specimens – the pale yellow and soft green – just lovely, a photographic homerun. thanks!

  4. Bonnie

    I so appreciate Alison giving this old lady the inches and I never learned metric. I love this picture, never seen a green cricket.

  5. Quin Ellis

    Also in the same tribe or subfamily…..

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