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  1. David Tarrant

    Daniel what a lovely connection to this poppy cultivar for you, in that it was submitted by your third grade teacher.
    As a former long time member of the UBC Botanical Garden staff, just had to mention I had never seen Iceland Poppies actually growing until I was Head Gardener at Chateau Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies during the summer of 1968 and 1969.
    The Christopher Grey-Wilson quote ‘of a sturdy race of rather gaudy poppies’ certainly rang true at that elevation, where massive banks of snow cover were guaranteed every winter.
    Visitors were often entertained to watch Chipmunks open the green nodding buds to feed on the soft petals folded inside!
    The blooms that survived were many and magnificent.
    Even inspired country music lyrics for a song written by Cindy Walker entitled ‘Blue Canadian Rockies’ recorded by many artists including Hank Snow, The Byrds, Jim Reeves, Slim Whitman to mention a few.
    The line in the song being
    ‘And the golden poppies round the banks of Lake Louise’
    Forgive this burst of nostalgic meandering.
    But as you well know, BPOD touches many around the globe both from a scientific , and sheer joy of enjoying the beauty of nature all around us.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. Mary Beth Borchardt

    Nothing short of GLORIOUS COLOR!!!

  3. Kathy Whitley

    David Tarrant, thanks for the musical references!

  4. Marilyn Brown

    Long ago I saw what I thought were “Iceland Poppies” in western Alaska, blooming with vim and vigor in a slushy, roadside snowbank. Simultaneously, their relatives were blooming (purchased at the nursery) in my temperate California garden.

  5. Jan Kaatz

    Beautiful poppy and wonderful remarks! A proud moment for a third year teacher to see her student so brilliant in knowledge and respected by countless numbers in the botany community!

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