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  1. Love Albrecht Howard

    The story of Kewa acida is fascinating, as is the story of St. Helena island. I enjoyed the write up I read on Wikipedia. Thank you – and Dr. Cronk – for this BPOTD!

  2. Kerry Mulholland

    Congratulations on 12 years of BPOTD. I missed it when it was on hiatus, and am so happy it’s back. I have learned so much from every single time I’ve read.

  3. Nadia


  4. Sue Frisch

    Congratulations on the anniversary of this wonderful series! And thank you.

  5. Sara Mauritz

    Great entry today. Just when we think we have seen it all, a new genus and family are discovered.
    Sara Mauritz

  6. Mike Bush

    Congrats, Daniel to you and the entire BPOD-Team. I both learn and receive enjoyment from the work you all produce. AND it’s always at a very very high level of quality and professionalism.


    [Oh – and tough duty for Dr. Cronk in Bermuda. I was the director of the Bermuda Botanic Garden from 1990-1993 and can empathize with his ‘field work’..!!]

  7. Janeal Thompson

    Congratulations on the anniversary of BPOTD! Great work.

    Janeal Thompson

  8. Suzanne Vargas

    Your love of plants and dedication serves as a great educational resource. Many, many thanks!

  9. PAT

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY many many more to come. Learning from UBC, inspired by UBC. Very interesting Kewa

  10. Susan Gustavson

    Happy anniversary BPOTD. I’m enjoying it’s reappearance.

  11. Tim

    Congrats on 12 years!

  12. Charles Thirkill

    Who would imagine that such a small plant could be so connected to history? I hope Bonaparte enjoyed his salads while he was on St. Helena.

  13. Mary Beth Borchardt

    Again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, but especially a big THANK YOU for brightening my days with your entries.

    Every day, when I see your email in my inbox, there is a smile that appears in my brain, and it is with interior happy anticipation that I scroll to see the entry. A brain smile warms the views of my soul and radiates into my eyes and relaxes my physical body as I view the exquisite beauty of yet another of God’s creations given to us as just one more example of the benevolent touch of His finger in the creation of our natural world.

    Mary Beth Borchardt

  14. Therese Romer

    Thanks for your wonderful daily posts ! Learning + enjoyment, what could be better ? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, +++ kudos

  15. Marion Davis

    Many happy returns! And many, many thanks for all of your wonderful posts and photos.

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