11 responses to “Kenai Fjords National Park”

  1. Anna Lambe

    Wow! Thanks for all the information- love it! Photos are super, particularly the close-up. All just a delight to read and share!

  2. Hallie Anderson

    Fabulous puffin image! They are very hard to photograph as I discovered in an Arcric circle trip several years ago when we saw so many of them….

  3. Nawfal Aquinas

    Thank you for the explanation/description.

  4. Deborah

    Hi Daniel,

    Great photographs!

    Are you currently traveling in Alaska?

  5. Judith B. Glad

    I really enjoyed your discussion of primary succession. Old growth lichens indeed!

  6. Kate

    Thank you for the crop of the puffin photo!

  7. Gillian Taylor

    In the photo of the 2 puffins there is a small pink flower. It looks very much like Calypso bulbosa, the fairy slipper orchid. I live in Prince George and these were plentiful when we first moved here in 1980. I haven’t seem them close to the city since the new housing developments spread to all my favorite sites. It is nice to know that they are surviving in the newly ice-free areas of Alaska.

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