6 responses to “Haemanthus albiflos”

  1. Jeanne Erdahl

    I always want to see a picture of the complete plant when I am teased with such an interesting close-up. As the pictures are coming up so readily now, I wonder if we could wish for one or two more? Thanks again for your work. I delete many emails before opening, but never this one.

  2. R Parker

    I appreciate the links to the full plant, where I can see the bulb and figure out how this image fits. Also the interesting aspects of uses or biochemistry or whatever. Thank you for lovely photos and new knowledge.

  3. Albertine Ellis-Adam

    In my first year ,1957, we were provided in the practicals with leaves of the “powder puff” from the Amsterdam botanical garden, Hortus Botanicus, I forgot exactly what for, I suppose to study the stomata.

  4. Richard Droker

    Exquisite! (Now hope I don’t spend all day at his Flickr site.

  5. PAT

    Fantastic always discovering new plants that I would never have know on my own. Truly lovely the way you provide detailed aspects of the plant its environment etc. Thank you

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