7 responses to “Convolvulus ocellatus var. plicinervius”

  1. PAT

    Fantastic never knew about the location or types of plants and why. Always wonderful learning experience.

  2. Quin Ellis

    Not your everyday Morning Glory!

    I LOVE how whenever you encounter serpentine EVERYthing changes – such an exotic habitat! In one step you go from typical to ‘Martian’ or ‘Dr. Seuss’ landscape – California’s State Rock. The Great Dyke must be truly fascinating.

    Thanks again!

  3. Nette

    Gorgeous photo and great background story. We have serpentine rock and soil around here, too – Northern California.

  4. Richard Windsor

    In response to Nette, there are a number of endemic Calochortus in California and Oregon which are restricted to serpentine derived soils, C. umpquaensis, C. tiboronensis and C. howellii to begin with.

  5. Pygge

    I most certainly wouldn’t complain if that Bindweed was the one that started to grow in my garden 😉 It looks beautiful!

  6. Quin Ellis

    ANY Calochortus, ANY time!

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