8 responses to “Chylismia claviformis subsp. peirsonii”

  1. Sue Frisch

    What time of day is this lovely pair of photos?

  2. Therese Romer

    Thank you for sharing your botanical excursions, and piquing our curiosity about distant habitats I can no longer, alas, travel to see.
    But it keeps me on my toes to watch out for and be amazed at all the familiar unfoldings of spring — so easily ignored, yet always so full of surprises — in my local north-east-american flora. Hurrah for botany !

  3. Lynn Wohlers

    The light is gorgeous here, and it’s great to see the closer view as well as the context – and to hear about sticky shoes! A detail like that is also part of the ID, and the experience.

  4. Quin Ellis

    We were also lucky to catch that bloom in A-B. Besides our shoes the dog’s head was also pollen-painted – lovely memories Daniel. So much to see, so much to anticipate – hated to leave and miss any specimens blooming after our time there…….

  5. Kathy Leishman

    The pollen certainly was persistent ! It transferred from my blue jeans to a pair of white jeans when hung them up in the closet, very much like lily pollen to remove! Seemingly impossible!

  6. Brita Bergland

    Lovely. Gorgeous. Fresh air for a shut in Vermonter. I never think of such a delicate flower on the desert. How naive! Thank you.

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