6 responses to “Cerastium arvense”

  1. Jessica

    That’s a particularly flattering photo. The flowers are really pretty. Thanks for the info on its “identity crisis”.



  2. Alphabetjohn

    There is, I take it, no apparent connection to common chickweed (Stellaria media,) which is not even in the same genus. Common chickweed is edible. Is this plant edible?

  3. Cyndy

    So delicate. Sandy, you captured the lighting on the plant just perfectly!

  4. Carol

    I grew up calling this Snow in Summer – guess that’s problem with common names 😉

  5. Souren Ala

    Aha! We have something we call “Snow in Summer” in the UK – Cerastium tomentosum. Its flowers are very similar but the foliage is silver; it spreads vigorously in sandy soil.

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