6 responses to “Turraea nilotica”

  1. Abi

    Lovely foto and most interesting flower. Living in the high north means I’ve never seen any living members of the Mahogany Family (altho have used Neem over the years) so… now I find I want to learn more about them. Thanks!

  2. Knox M. Henry

    A stunning photo and very interesting article. Thanks.

  3. Linda Runnacles

    What a gorgeous and unusual flower, and very interesting info. But as much as I love these exquisitie close-ups I do wish there was also a pic of the whole plant to give it more context.

    1. Bart Wursten

      Hi Linda, this photo is featured with others in the Online Floras of Zimbabwe and Mozambique where you can find images of the habit as well. See http://www.mozambiqueflora.com/speciesdata/species.php?species_id=133490&ishow_id=1
      Greetings Bart

  4. Susan Joyce

    Yes. a lot Seussian.

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