6 responses to “Iberis gibraltarica”

  1. Helen McCall

    A really interesting write-up on a common plant – the genesis of the name, the meaning of the plant. Fun stuff! And, I think the
    close up photo might belie the “whatever flower” tag.

  2. Anne

    “I am so indifferent that I picked these flowers for you”. That would be the best garden nerd insult!!

  3. Brynn Allen

    Your close up is fantastic. It just keeps going and going as one scrolls down. Would make a beautiful wallpaper pattern.
    I really enjoy my daily dose of Botany

  4. Clement Kent

    I second Brynn Allen’s comment – great picture!

  5. Laurel

    Love seeing common plants. We all have some of them and treat them with indifference because of their ordinariness. Good wake up call!

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