6 responses to “Helianthus nuttallii”

  1. Christine Owens

    May I use this as a pattern for stained glass or mosaic garden stone? I love the way some of the petals curve and bend under. Thanks! No hard feelings if the answer is no! 😉

    1. Denis

      Great that you asked, though. Too many would not.

    2. Anne Elliott

      Hi, Christine. I just happened to notice that this photo of mine had been picked for today and I read your comment and request. Yes, you have my permission to use this as a pattern for stained glass or garden stone. I don’t know if you are familiar with Flickr, but just in case not, then I thought it would be easier for you if I answered you here. I really appreciate your asking for permission – as Denis and Daniel commented, not everyone is respectful enough to ask for permission. Thank you. Happy creating! Anne

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