12 responses to “Cordyla africana”

  1. Bob Wilson

    What a lovely tree! Thanks for the photos.

  2. Mike Bush

    Thanks, Daniel – always a TROVE of accurate information.

  3. Nadia

    Beautiful, I think we saw colvillea rasemosa on Hawaii it looks very like this plant.

  4. Eric Simpson

    I’m curious as to what happens to the fruit in-between the dehiscent and indehiscent stages…seems an unlikely transition.

  5. Zoo Gardener

    Amazing! A reminder to us Midwesterners that spring, along with green leaves and flowers, will (eventually) arrive.

  6. Mary Beth


  7. Richard Jones

    Monoecious or Dioecious? Roots have nitrogen fixing bacteria? Anyone know what kind of bacteria???

    Beautiful colors. Thanks!!!!


  8. Telda

    Any idea of the root structure of this tree? How close can I plant it to the house?

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