5 responses to “California Flower Medley”

  1. Anne Kivari

    It sure didn’t look like this in December when I was there, but beautiful in a different way! Thanks for posting this Daniel.

  2. Mary Beth

    Sure is a beautiful color combination by Mother Nature!
    Thanks——it always uplifts my soul and relaxes my body to see your flower pictures!!!!!!

    Mary Beth Borchardt

  3. Susan Gustavson

    Really lovely, thanks for sharing it. Always a welcome diversion from the mire we U.S. folks are in.

  4. Janet

    Southern California is definitely having a spectacular spring. The variety of flowers and their gorgeous colors in the Anza-Borrego desert area are a treat for the eyes, nose, and soul! Each area seems to have a predominant kind of flower as you drive around the Borrego Springs valley. My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful day there on Wednesday!

  5. Quin Ellis

    Yes, agreeing with Janet – Anza-Borrego was spectacular last week – my favorite fragrances were from Hyptis and Phacelia – just floated around our noses. Happy Spring!

    On another note in An-Bo it was a sad commentary to see people making their way through the desert on foot, hoping for a better life but also being hunted with helicopters and trucks…….

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