7 responses to “Bidens asymmetrica”

  1. Sue Vargas

    Poor Thing! I can relate – Bad Hair Friday……

  2. Quin Ellis

    Curious – why evolve to this irregular form? We think of most flowers having a more ‘typical’ shape within their basic arrangement. Can there be any advantage? Thanks David and Daniel

  3. Brynn Allen

    Paul Zweng is reforesting his property in Waikane, on the Windward side of Oahu. I volunteered for a short period and helped re-introduce Bidens populifolia (ko’oko’olau) to his valley hillsides. Paul has also done a beautiful job of eradicating invasive trees such as Albizia and Schefflera actinophylla among others. When these upper canopy trees defoliate the native Koa tree seedlings appear. It is so amazing to see these Koa seedlings emerge along with the Biden seedlings. Attached is an image of a group of us planting Biden seeds. I am standing on the left.

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