16 responses to “Prunus mume”

  1. Jessica

    Thanks for the beautiful photo and info.

    I’m soooooo glad you’re up and running, again. I missed all the lovely pix and fascinating information.



  2. Debby

    Seeing this lovely photo and interesting write-up reminds me I must visit the Chinese plums in my neighbourhood!

  3. Stewart

    If there is Prunus Mume in the UBC Garden, could cuttings be taken early this summer? They could then be grown on so that specimens could be for sale in the Shop in the Garden.

  4. Sue Frisch

    A gorgeous photograph!

  5. Trella Hastings

    That is gorgeous! It reminds us that Spring is on its way!

  6. Richard Jones

    There is one getting ready to bloom at New York Botanical Gardens in Bronx, NY adjacent to the Conservatory along the Ladies Border. Dicey time for the bloom since there is always the chance of a freeze. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Toinette Lippe

    Why does the description say that there are only three stamens in each blossom? In this photo and on all the plum blossom I see every spring here in NYC, there are multiple stamens in each flower.

  8. Susan Hall

    Such joy to find your site up and running again on line, and the improvements to the site are excellent. Well done, Daniel. : >

    I so look forward to every post, am constantly learning from it and thank you for all of your effort.

  9. Therese Romer

    Thank you for the lovely photograph and very interesting description !

  10. Robert Roggeveen

    Thank you. So happy you ate back in business. I am in Connecticut. My older daughter got her MA and PhD at UBC. I lived visiting the gardens when we were out in Vancouver. My UBC Botanical Garden teeshirt is a bit worn, but still worn each summer… Have to get a new one.

  11. Creekside Farm

    As we are still buried in snow and our little orchard is inaccessible currently, this picture made us laugh out loud for the coming of spring.Thank you so much.

  12. Lisa Fuller

    Ah, my favorite tree in my front courtyard, in full bloom right now. A glorious harbinger of spring in this gray difficult Portland Oregon winter.

  13. molly

    The delicious scent of the tree in bloom is reason enough to grow an Ume “Plum.” I know of no other stone or pome fruit that sends its scent so far or that has a clove scent.

    Pick some fruits, put them in a glass jar, and salt them heavily (well, pack them in the stuff), let them soften and exude juice and you’ll have a wonderful aromatic flavoring and, uh, saltening? for marinades and all kinds of meat and rice dishes. Be sure to use a glass-lidded bail jar, salt pickles corrode metal Mason jar lids!

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