12 responses to “Polypodium pellucidum var. vulcanicum”

  1. Jeanne Erdahl

    These are thrilling pictures! How quickly plants move into barren volcanic areas. We hike into Haleakala on Maui many times a year and see these leathery ferns thriving there.

  2. Trella Hastings

    Fascinating photos! Amazing growth in such a barren area so soon!

  3. Sara

    first thought? time to get the parking lot resurfaced. Then I realized it was lava and those were ferns!!

  4. Ginny

    These photos took my breath away! I would never have guessed that a fern would be one of the first vascular plants – though surely lichens (perhaps visible in the third photo?) and mosses (maybe in the same relatively moist cracks as the fern?) are among the pioneers too. Another reason I must make the trip from Maine to Hawaii some day. Many thanks!

  5. Brynn Allen

    The Big Island is a very special place. We made a sojourn to the Hilo area last June and went to Hawaii Volcano National Park. It is always an adventure and one can feel the energy between the toes. We will be going back again this year to finalize a listing in Leilani Estates.

  6. Michael Simpson

    Striking photos! What is the scale of the second one? How far away were you? It’s hard to tell.

  7. Anna

    Reminds me of the horsetail breaking through my asphalt driveway (and my not-so-zen pebble garden, and between the rocks in my pond edging, and…), though I’d much rather have those gorgeous polypodies!

  8. Val Upton

    We saw these ferns in 2011 while visiting Hawaii and were truly amazed!

  9. Richard Droker

    Really good combination of 3 photos. (Increases our desire to visit Hawaii.)

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