21 responses to “Magnolia campbellii”

  1. Mary Yee

    Spectacular photo–thank you!

  2. Brynn Allen

    I wish we had smell a vision. I love the lemony scent of magnolias. Thank you for sharing

  3. Jo

    Daniel, any chance you can advise why the photos are not appearing for me? I sure did miss BPOTD and now that it’s back, the photos don’t download!! It just goes round and round and round, trying to load. Thank you.

  4. Laura Suda

    Beautiful photo! Glad to have you back Daniel.

  5. Laurel Slaney


  6. Sandy Steinman

    Great Photo. Excellent contrasting background. Well seen and created. One of your best.

  7. Trella Hastings

    Lovely photo. There are a lot of Magnolia trees here in the Seattle area. I have a large one in my backyard here in Shoreline. The tree has many pink blossoms, just like this one, covering it when it is in full bloom. The ground becomes a sea of pink after the petals fall. I don’t know if mine is the same species or not, but it sure looks the same as this blossom! The picture shows just a small part of my tree.

  8. Jean Clark

    No photo on my ‘gmail, but have one on my hotmail – weird. Lovely photo and so glad you are back Daniel

  9. Rich

    Beautiful photo, the Magnolias are starting in So. Cal, well timed.
    Image download seems to have been resolved on my stream
    Thanks for the hard work.

  10. Barbara Currier Kruse

    So good to have you back…you make my day every day.

  11. Therese Romer

    Lovely photo – THANK You. First time I had no trouble downloading, thanks again !
    Lovely Magnolias have been marginally hardy in our Montreal zone. Climate change is favouring them now… but also leaving them prone to insect & fungal damage ?

  12. MC O'Brien

    Daniel, Thanks from UGA (Athens, GA) for returning with this great site. I enjoy sharing the photos and info with my students and plant geek friends. Fascinating and fun site.

  13. Suzanne Moore

    Lovely photo and much needed. I look forward to more beauty and wonder from you. Thank you

  14. Helen Pressley

    Don’t ever go away again please! I am so happy to have these beautiful photos back in my day!

    1. James

      Don’t panic

  15. Val Upton

    Lovely to see Botany Photo of the Day again!

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