40 responses to “Geraea canescens”

  1. Claire Bullaro

    Photos are loading much quicker. Looks like they are not particularly inhibited by the creosote bushes.

    1. Charmianne Dempsey

      Nope. Geraea photo is excruciatingly slow to load. Why is this happening now? It used to be so quick.

  2. Claire Bullaro

    I meant the plants are not inhibited, not the photos. 🙂 poor phrasing.

  3. Joe

    At first I thought you meant the photos. lol 🙂

  4. Jeanne Erdahl

    I did get the one image quickly yesterday. The multiple images today are straining to burst into bloom… Sure glad you are back online and as informative and cheerful as in the past.

  5. Judith Geraci

    My confusion is why, when I click on the link in the email, the first section displayed on the site is a request to subscribe. I’m already subscribed, as I was informed when I sighed and tried it again, think I needed to do it once more. Not so, so why have that there?

  6. Pam

    Everything is working wonderfully for me on my computer… I have a MAC… It is so nice to have you back.. Now that you are I realize how much I missed seeing all the beauty you share.. THANK YOU…

  7. Janet

    The photos loaded quickly and look great on my Mac. Thanks for posting the photos of a desert wildflower and its environment. I dearly love desert flowers and I grew up on a ranch surrounded by creosote bushes.

    1. Belinda Gallagher

      Also glad to have you back and see the desert flowers. Grew up in Nevada but now call central Ontario home – 10k from Algonquin Park. When I first saw photo (which took a few seconds to download) I thought Arnica-ish. Are they related, or just asteracaea?

  8. Alan Butler

    Yes glad to have you back! The photos downloaded ok. A bit slow but not really a problem. Grey hairs? Wait until you get to my age! lol

  9. Eric Simpson

    I like the link to Kier’s work: he’s practically a god when it comes to photographing ID-important (and just darn pretty) details of CA natives.

    Oh, and your photos are very lovely, too, Daniel…so happy BPotD is back!

  10. chris czajkowski

    Love the multiple images including the great references.

  11. Bonnie

    Load wasn’t slow for me and I was in Fire Fox browser.

  12. Susan

    Photos still haven’t loaded on my iPad. Thanks for your persistence in seeking solutions!

  13. alphabetjohn

    I am so glad you are back!! I didn’t realize how much I had missed your photos! These of Geraea take my breath away.

  14. Marika

    Gorgeous photos! Seeing these images is a bright spot in the day. It is nice to see vibrant color and plants when all around is endless white snow and ice.
    Thank you for sharing them. I love your commentary about the Botanical name and your upcoming birthday too- that made me laugh! I can relate. 🙂

  15. Tish

    I agree with everyone- so nice to have you back! Such a burst of sunshine for those of us under loads of snow and gray skies. Thanks!

  16. Zoo Gardener

    My pictures come up right away! I have a fast connection and all your new postings have shown up, immediately. Sure glad to have you back! One of my daily high points!!

  17. Julie Gorka

    Yes, much better, and the photos are great! Thank you.

  18. Gene

    Everything loads quickly but without any photo of Geraea. I use a Mac.

  19. Barbara

    Loading fine on my computer. BTW, when is your birthday?

  20. Jane Levy Campbell

    Thank you so much for reviving the daily plant photos. They’re great, and I love learning something every day.

  21. Ellen Derry

    I’m so glad to have your photos back. I enjoy both the beauty & the learning. No problems at all with loading.. Thank you.

  22. Jessica

    Desert Gold is certainly the perfect name for those beauties.

    Everything loaded quickly for me…Mac mini and Firefox.

    Sooo glad you’re back.

  23. Cheryl

    The photos are very beautiful. I don’t mind waiting for them to load! When I take a “botany break” its nice to enjoy the anticipation a little longer.

  24. Wendy Cutler

    I love the image-heavy posting. Great idea! 🙂

  25. Trella Hastings

    It is wonderful seeing so many views, both close and from afar, of this beautiful desert flower, which we wouldn’t otherwise see here in the Northwest!

  26. Clare Nelson

    I am trying to identify a plant in my Anaheim, California, work garden that was started by seed. It’s about 18 inches now and grows about four feet high and has woody stems by the end of the year. I don’t think it is geraea canescens but may be related to it. Can anyone help?

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