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  1. Brynn Allen

    I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii last summer and top of my to do, was to visit Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. I took my sister and my mother and we had a wonderful time. The garden is located just outside of Hilo and is worth every penny. Mahalo for sharing the image of Calathea burle-marxii

  2. Cyndy H.

    Thank you Daniel! Wonderful to have you back … i still remember your indian paintbursh photo displayed at the UW Miller Library. Great that you have so many fans!

  3. David Tarrant

    So good to see this long lost UBC Botanical Garden site back up and running again.
    I am sure plant enthusiasts around the globe will be delighted.
    Well done Daniel

    1. Belinda Gallagher

      Ditto. It was like a late Christmas present to see the link in my inbox.

  4. Carol Ross

    Daniel, It is wonderful to have you back.

  5. Claire Bullaro

    So glad to have you and the lovely photos and write-ups back!

  6. Laurel Slaney

    Welcome back!

  7. Janice Harvey

    Receiving your email made my day! So happy to have you back!!

  8. Linda Stitt

    A welcome return.

  9. Steve Graebner

    Ah! You have made my day! I’m so glad you’re back! You were missed by me, and many biology students!

  10. edith wallace

    A treasure each day! Thank you!

  11. Marilyn Brown

    I’m so glad you are back ! I missed you awfully.

  12. Janeal Thompson

    Hurrah! Daniel and Botany Photo of the Day have returned.

  13. Keren Abra

    Wow! We’ve missed you, and your discoveries – I’ll pass on the news to friends at the San Francisco Botanical Garden!

  14. Nette

    Yay! You’re back! And…is there some way for us to post a pic? I was at that same garden in 2012. Wonderful to stroll around and see the many heliconias, gingers, bromeliads, et. al. And a view of the ocean!

  15. Pat Young

    Missed you and your posts….. your photos and posts are a welcome counterpoint to the chaos. Somewhere there is beauty and order in the world.

  16. Charles Schweger

    When something disappears, it’s often then we discover how much it was valued.
    Welcome back and thanks so much for enlightening me on the wonderful
    Kingdom of Plants.

  17. susan


  18. Walt Bubelis

    Thank you for the touch of the tropics in the mid-winter! Good to see you back.

  19. Richard

    Horray and welcome back! you are making things great again (in the right way!)

  20. Sandy Martin

    What a wonderful surprise to see this in my inbox. Realize that life gets in the way sometimes but so glad to see beautiful and interesting pictures again. So glad you posted.

  21. Pumpkin Sparshott

    Oh, this just makes my day! Possibly my month. Thanks for coming back

  22. Alice Jensen

    Thanks:Botany Photo of the day! I had missed it. I enter the featured species name (in hand writing) intoa notebook with my
    own comments of familiarity of the pla nt and what I am learning about it.
    BOTANY always wins for me including lichens and fungi.
    Sincerely A L I C E Jensen. from Middle TN

  23. Sharon Renwick

    Happy to see these beautiful plant photos again. They always make me smile. Thanks!

  24. Lina Droz-Grey

    Oui, c’est un grand plaisir de vous retrouver et voir ces photos magnifiques. merci

  25. Janet

    So good to get your email after so long! Welcome back!

  26. Pierre Crozat

    Excellent! BPD is back, my mornings will be enhanced!

  27. Meg

    Missed this so much!

  28. Boni Dufour

    Thank you! You have been missed.

  29. Herbert Österreicher

    Thank you, Daniel Mosquin!
    You were missed by me, too. It was wunderful to see this new entry, And I hope they will again accompany me day after day.

  30. Susan

    What a lovely surprise to have BPotD back in my inbox! Welcome back! Thank you for the work you do to share your love of plants with those of us who feel the same.

  31. Sue Vargas

    Sue V Yea! You are back!

  32. Norman

    I agree with everyone who loves getting these emails again 🙂

  33. Ruth Furman

    Hooray, you’re back! Will look forward to a daily plant geek input…

  34. Wendy

    Daniel! Wherever you have been and whatever the reasons for your absence, WELCOME most truly back!

  35. Zoo Gardener

    I was so thrilled to see this email, this morning!! I work with someone who will be visiting the Botanical Garden, in a couple of weeks! Your plants and info, make my day!

  36. Chuck

    “Welcome back!”

  37. Marika

    I was happy to see this post today. I have missed them also. Thank you.

  38. Max Kasper

    Grateful for your return that never fails to brighten my day, and to join in welcoming you back with the appreciative community of the Friends of BPotD. Shouting out to you from Sudbury Ontario.


  39. Andrea

    What a welcome surprise on a gray winter day. Thank you!

  40. Sandy Feather

    Welcome back, Daniel! I have missed you.

  41. Kate

    Wonderful to see this entry – I’ve missed BPOTD – Thank you!

  42. Helen McCall

    So pleased to see you back again. I thought you might be lost for good.
    Your post really brightened the day!

  43. F. Joseph Peabody

    When I retired from my university position I thought that I was somehow automatically removed from your list. I am so pleased to see that I can expect more beautiful images of plants from around the world in my in-box. Keep up the good work.

  44. beverley bowhay

    like seeing an old friend ..nice surprise.

  45. Linda

    Absolutely delighted to have you back! This just made my day.

  46. Susan

    So happy so see this in my inbox!

  47. Janie

    Daniel! Thank you so very much for the wonderful surprise of seeing your emails in my in-box yesterday. Then it happened again today! You remind me why I started in botany so many decades ago, and that beauty is still ours if we will only look. This truly gladdens my heart.

  48. Helen Pressley

    What a joy to see these wonderful plants again. You have quite the fan club! We have missed you indeed.

  49. Marian Gordin

    We have missed you. I feel as though I just discovered a lost treasure!

  50. Gail Kern

    A most welcome email today! Thought I missed a step and lost you. Thank you and welcome home!

  51. Quin Ellis

    Huzzah! I agree with all of the other happy replies

  52. Trish French

    Wonderful to see BOTD again! Thanks Daniel et al.

  53. Susan More

    Thank you for coming back. I have missed Botany photo of the day, so much.

  54. Gabrielle

    Welcome back, it’s great to see BPOTD pop up again…Thank you!

  55. Violetta

    So pleased to see your email. Glad you are back Daniel!

  56. Jacqueline Small

    Welcome back!

  57. Kathy Whitley

    It’s SO nice to receive these posts again. Thank you Daniel!

  58. Hallie Anderson

    so excited to see this site all of a sudden pop up again! made my day!

  59. Mina

    I was delighted to see Botany Photo of the Day in my inbox again! Thank you!!

  60. Marion Davis

    It’s great to have BPOD again, and it’s great to see so many comments in support! The photos and write-ups are a most welcome reminder that the real world is outside waiting for us to appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who has helped bring BPOD back.

  61. Erica

    Wonderful to have this back in my inbox again. Thank you for all you do.

  62. flyin-lion

    So happy to have you back. In these parlous times, it is good to regroup, reground and rejoice in the natural world, so beautifully presented here.

  63. Kate L.

    Oh, yes, welcome back, Botany PoTD! Have missed the pictures, write-ups, and comments. Thank you!

  64. Heidi

    I can only echo the myriad of replies above mine and say THANK YOU for bringing back BotanyPOTD. It made my day to turn on my work computer and see the familiar name in my inbox. In this crazy world I find such solace in the beauty of our earth’s amazing flora.

  65. Vinodini Pradhan.

    So happy to see Botany Photo of the Day after a long gap.Thank you !!!

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