8 responses to “Alyxia ruscifolia”

  1. Anna

    What an interesting looking flower… It looks like a jasmine or daphne x curling iron 🙂 But I noticed that the petals don’t look quite so curvy in the photos in the other links. Is there a reason for the differing degrees of curling in the petals?

  2. Clement Kent

    The milkweeds are in the Apocynaceae, and butterflies related to our monarchs (Danaus plexippa) feed on them in various parts of the world. I wonder if there are Australian butterflies which feed on Alyxia?

  3. michael aman

    I love the fractal nature of the photograph. Five pointed petals in a whorl above five pointed leaves in a whorl. I wonder what the fragrance is? I love the fragrance of milkweed; hoya not so much.

  4. Mei

    looks like a toy windmill

  5. Jeanette Johnson

    Beautiful photo! It’s interesting that there’s a group of five leaves but four flowers.

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