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  1. Knox M Henry

    Anazing to see such a delicate flower existing in a rather harsh climate. Thanks!
    Also, Thank to Tamara for her excellent writing this past summen. She did a great job!

  2. Stuart Garrett

    This area burned in a wildfire in late June and the Vale Oregon BLM Distirct is planning a detailed rehabilitation of the Gulch.

  3. Judith B. Glad

    Thank you for the great photos of Mentzelia packardiae. They are far better than any I have. It’s wonderful to see them still thriving in Leslie Gulch.

  4. j nels

    I sometimes fear the ‘rehabilitation’ of an area as possibly even more damaging than the fire that went through. I am sure there has been fire in that area before. But if the area of these new plant types are growing were left with no ‘rehabilitation’ and then measure the effect of the do nothing approach. Rehab another area and then compare the two.

  5. drbob

    Several years ago I was asked to look into Mentzelia mollis, another yellow-orange annual stickleaf known from volcanic ash deposits near Black Rock Desert in north west Nevada (where the Burning Man Festival is happening this weekend). It, too, grew at the base of talus slopes in areas of very low total plant cover, just like in the foreground of the 3rd photo. The largest population occupied a patch just 10 to 30 m wide, but over 10 km long! Field study revealed that the population followed a latest-Tertiary fault that had undergone hydrothermal alteration (the rock either side of the fault was chemically modified by solutes in high temperature water moving upwards along the fault). Neither the Artemisia tridentata nor even the Bromus tectorum (nor any of the other zonal species) would grow in the stuff. Edaphic endemism, writ large. There is every reason to suspect a similar story with Mentzelia packardiae.

  6. Maryann Miller

    Wow, I can see why you are so thrilled, and I love the photos. Enjoy the excitement.

  7. MC O'Brien, Athens, GA

    Daniel this site and your work is stellar and always appreciated, welcome back. I love seeing what you feature, some are old plant friends, others expand my world.
    I would also like to give a thanks to Tamara for the entertainment and knowledge she provided this summer. She is a great writer and I hope she will continue making her work available to the public.

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    I am somewhat saddened by the fire. It sounds like it was extensive, with wide-ranging impact: Letter including Assessment of Affected Species (PDF).
    For a video of the fire (and I have a hard time believing anyone would do this in that area…): 2015 Leslie Gulch Fire.
    By some coincidence, I made a similar (though shorter) video about a month earlier, but instead sharing the heavy rains that expedited my already-planned departure for fear of flash floods.
    Bob, thanks for the comments re: Mentzelia mollis.

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