5 responses to “Medicago arborea”

  1. michael aman

    As one who thinks alfalfa has an intoxicating scent (drive along a field of alfalfa with the window down on a soft summer night!), I wonder if this medicago has a scent?

  2. jan w tuinstra

    Congratulations on all your super pictures and information. I normally can not wait to open up your e-mails just being curious to know what surprise you will come up with again 🙂
    Beautiful, this Medicago. Do you know what the natural habitat is and where it can grow? Do you know about a source of seed?
    Best wishes,

  3. Wendy Cutler

    Both striking photos and an interesting write-up. I particularly liked the hand-coloured micrograph linked page and the video on that page.

  4. Rita Squire

    I copy Jan’s comment. Origin and habitat please. Rita

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Native to countries north of the Mediterranean Sea, naturalized in other similar habitats.

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