3 responses to “Rhododendron falconeri”

  1. Edith

    A few years back, I was growing cucumbers next to my Rhododendron. They grew up it. I was thrilled! The cukes were camouflaged, but all I had to do was shake the branches and I could easily find them without bending over and the critters left them alone.
    LOVE this photo!

  2. jessica

    That’s a beautiful photo. I love seeing the details of a plant that give it such special character.
    I totally agree with Tamara that the indumentum on leaves is irresistible. It’s one reason I love some Magnolias…the fuzzy cinnamon undersides of the leaves that contrast so beautifully with the dark green glossy upper surface.
    Thank you soooo much for such a great photo and article. I took a look online to see what the flowers look like. Pretty nice, too! Big clusters of beautiful open-faced bells.
    What a great plant.
    I love this site.

  3. Wendy

    Wonderful photo. Just wonderful!

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