5 responses to “Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Monlo’”

  1. Peony Fan

    Beautiful photo and thanks for the reporting on the research about how even selections of a native plant may not fulfill its role in the ecological niche. I wonder if other plants with high anthocyanins are also more resistant to insect damage.

  2. Wendy

    If having high levels of foliar anthocyanins is such an effective insect deterrent one might expect to see it in nature more often. But I would bet that in a garden where Monlo was the only choice, native ninebark specialists would make do.

  3. Ron B

    [Diabolo] = ‘Monlo’ is a Monrovia nursery item in North America. When a plant is theirs, has “mon” as part of the cultivar name this is a reference to Monrovia – in this case an obvious abbreviation for MONrovia DiaboLO. So the epithet seems unlikely to have been bestowed by Kordes in Germany, unless they did so as a courtesy to Monrovia after the latter company presumably bought the plant from them – or bought the North American distribution rights.

  4. Ron B

    Wording used in the United States patent description implies ‘Monlo’ was coined by Monrovia at the time of the patenting in 2000.

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