4 responses to “Oenothera elata subsp. hookeri”

  1. John Rusk

    Thanks for choosing my photo as POTD. The honor is much appreciated.

  2. Jonathan

    Really appreciated this article, as I have always liked evening primroses but never really thought about why. This helped me understand. They are a great genus with native species across the US, and I saw many growing wild also in my recent trip to Japan, an ephemeral little hint of home.

  3. Janet

    One of my favorite flowers! Each summer finds lots of them blooming in the little park near where I live in Poway, Calif. Growing up in the desert, we had the low-growing yellow desert evening primrose. I used to kneel down to smell the first ones of spring and get the pollen all over my nose. Then I’d go show my mom that the primroses were in bloom!

  4. Fanny Obadia

    Used this lovely plant recently as a border ground cover . My clients just love it!

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