4 responses to “Nymphoides peltata”

  1. Andy Partridge

    The genus name Nymphoides immediately struck my curiosity as I opened this up. When I saw the photo and started reading the description, I marveled at how distinct an image of the writer’s experience flashed into my mind. Serene, peaceful, quiet – nature at it’s best!
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Betty Bahn

    This water plant is on the noxious weed list in Oregon. I have had it in the past, seeds vigorously- no longer have it.

  3. Debby

    Delighted to read that frogs are abundant!

  4. Albertine Ellis-Adam

    Hi Tamara,
    a good old friend: this species is very common in ditches in the region north of Amsterdam. Regrettably I did not manage to opload my pictures.

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