7 responses to “Huperzia rubra”

  1. Bonnie

    Looks like gold in them thar plants!

  2. Wendy

    Are you sure somebody didn’t just knit that?

  3. Denis

    Wow, that’s fantastic.
    What’s the potential for this in the horticulture trade?
    I’m not sure if Bonnie means the yellow visible through the red or that this could be gold (profitable) in “the trade”.

  4. marilyn brown

    Definitely knitted.

  5. Reba

    Is the white blossom part of the Huperzia?

  6. Trella

    Fascinating and just gorgeous! I find it very interesting that they are mycoheterotrophic and depend on fungi for their existence. I am curious about the climate in Brazil where they are found, as fungi usually depend on a warm, moist environment. Thanks for sharing this amazing plant! I hope to get up to the botanical centre in the near future.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Reba, it’s not a blossom. Huperzia is a fern relative (often called fern allies). It belongs to a group of plants that only produce spores.

    If I had to guess what that is, I would guess it is a set of bracts that subtend a dehisced sporangia (a spore-bearing organ that has since broken apart / fallen off).

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