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  1. Dylan Norfield

    Thankyou for your continued great articles. Dunedin Botanic Garden does have a good number of Furcraea parmentieri with specimens flowering every 3 – 4 years. We try and stagger plantings to keep a continued display, with plants flowering from as little as 7 years old, with several specimens looking hopeful to flower in the spring. Dylan Norfield, Geographic and Arboretum Collection Curator, Dunedin Botanic Garden.

  2. esteban arenas

    hello, how do they achieve flowering in such a short time? I’m from Mexico and I’m starting with the production of this species

  3. Budularo

    I’ve had flowers in a short time initiated by gopher damage. When the plants tap root is eaten the plant prematurely flowers and makes bulbils.

  4. Bill Jackson

    Mine was an unrooted proliferation in August 2013, and flowered flowered in spring 2018. It could have been stimulated by trauma, it was a 1-gallon container plant which had rooted into the ground. It didn’t have much of a trunk, if any, but was 6′ wide/tall and had become top-heavy. During the winter of 2017/2018 a couple of roots broke, causing the plant to tilt. It immediately initiated an inflorescence.

    S.F. Bay Area

  5. Michael Brisbane

    I’m growing seven of these from bulbils I collected in Tremenhere Garden nr Penzance in Cornwall UK 4 years ago. I keep them in pots to take inside as winter approaches. I pot them into larger pots each year in the hope of them being really strong when it comes to their flowering. But when….!!?
    Does anyone think that after say year 5 I was to stress them by severing part of the rootsystem that this would induce them?

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