5 responses to “Duchesnea indica”

  1. jessica

    Wow. Certainly looks good enough to eat.
    Thanks for another interesting article and knockout photos.

  2. Justin Lee

    I’ve eaten a few of them and I’m disappointed every time :). Not a bad taste so much as almost no taste. A good one to know in a survival scenario but certainly nothing to go out of your way for.

  3. Connie Hoge

    They try to take over my garden.

  4. Trella

    That is very attractive! The leaves are very much like the edible strawberry, as we know it. Is it low growing to the ground also?

  5. Samantha

    We have them all over Long Island. I allow them to grow in the rock garden at our home. Very pretty, but in need of a firm hand to control them or they creep all over!

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