3 responses to “Cyperus trachysanthos”

  1. Karen Newbern

    Beautiful little sedge! Found something very similar growing in northeast Wisconsin last summer. Are there related species that would grow in that area?

  2. David Eickhoff

    Aloha Karen,
    The Sedge family (Cyperaceae) is a large worldwide group of plants, so there may be a similar species in that area.
    Fyi, there are 14 or 15 native species, of which 8 are endemic, or naturally found only, in the Hawaiian islands. The endemic species are tropical/sub-tropical in nature and would not survive the very cold winters of the the north & central US.

  3. Brynn Allen

    Aloha Tamara,
    I was given a handful of Hawaiian endemic sedge seeds and planted them. Well they did very well and are now everywhere, coming up in my potted plant collection, across the street, down the road, good thing they are native. Kamehameha Schools just installed a landscape project in Haleiwa using natural grasses and sedges. I am going by today and will take a picture. I enjoy your daily emails.
    Mahalo, Brynn

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