6 responses to “Asphodelus aestivus”

  1. Ginny

    Wonderful photo and fascinating write-up, as always. I learned so much about a plant I may never see here in Maine. Thanks, Tamara!

  2. cherries walks

    We have them here in the swiss alps! Thanks for the fascinating nectar info!

  3. Jaime Kooser

    Thanks for a wonderful write up. Does anyone know if honey from these flowers is collected for commercial sale? Thanks!

    1. Brian Farrugia

      Bees are not choosey !

  4. Alice Jensen

    While being in Sicily,beginning of May 2013 on an Orchid study trip;I found that Asphodelus aestivus formed very strong,imposing plants and many( very photogenic).After reading your detailed research dessciptions,I see why it is so robust.No Orchids will grow very close to this plant.On one of my photos Asphodeline lutea grows side by side.with aestivus.
    Thanks Alice Jensen

  5. Brian Farrugia

    Common in Malta too

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