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  1. Hugues Massicotte

    A very instructive summary of the complex mycoheterotrophic relationships on Allotropa….well done Tamara!

  2. Reba Olsen

    Allotropa virgata (sugarstick, candystick)
    (= Allotropa virgata in Flora of the Pacific Northwest)
    Myco-heterotrophic herbs with simple, fleshy stems 1-4 dm. tall and 5-10 mm. thick, white- and pink-striped.
    Distribution: Both sides of the Cascades in Washington; British Columbia south to California.
    Habitat: Deep humus of coniferous forests at low to moderate elevations.
    Origin: Native
    Info. source: http://biology.burke.washington.edu/herbarium/imagecollection.php
    Other sources who it located in California, Oregon and Canada.
    Beautiful photo

  3. michael aman

    From first glance the fruit shape and lack of chlorophyll screamed that this must be a West Coast relative of our eastern Indian-pipes. Thanks so much. Wish I could see it first hand.

  4. m005kennedy

    I have to ask if it is edible . Looking like that I am sure it has been tried!

  5. Trella

    Hard to believe this beautiful plant grows in my part of the world!

  6. Larry Green

    This plant appears similar to Sarcodes sanguinea in its feeding mechanism.

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