4 responses to “Sarcococca confusa”

  1. Douglas Justice

    Some people have speculated that this Sarcococca is a hybrid between S. hookeriana and S. ruscifolia, as it is somewhat intermediate (red-turning-black fruits, thinner leaves, etc.).

  2. Wendy

    A ‘grateful plant’. The scent welcomes you out to the garden making winter bearable.

  3. Ruth

    This looks like a lovely plant. It would be good to know its cold-hardiness zones. That would be great for all plants on this site.

  4. Ron B

    Long established plantings (which I remember as being labeled as this species) at the Seattle arboretum froze down in the 1990 winter, which was the coldest in 30 years. I did not notice other Sarcococca species in the vicinity having the same level of damage.
    Seattle is mapped as being in USDA 8.

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