5 responses to “Lilium humboldtii”

  1. Sandy Steinman

    I took this photo in my backyard in Berkeley, CA. The plants were started from seed four or five years ago This is the first year there has been more than a single flower.

  2. Elizabeth Revell

    How utterly gorgeous! I adore these reflexed Lilia.
    Alas, I have black thumbs when it comes to growing them. (although, having said that, I have only been able to try those species which are admitted into the New Zealand market …)

  3. Peony Fan

    Fabulous photo! And, grown from seed! Thanks for this selection, Tamara.

  4. Tom ~ Raise Your Garden

    Well, I was never much of a flower guy until I got married. Wife would love this and the shot. We just got back from South Carolina and it’s mine job to get great pics! Go figure.

  5. Dorothy Horbury

    Is this the same plant as the Tiger Lily?

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