3 responses to “Hibiscus moscheutos subsp. palustris”

  1. marilyn brown

    What an elegant design and shape ! Can the blossom be any prettier ?

  2. Belinda

    Thank you for clarifying the botanical name controversy for this beautiful plant. I have grown both from seed and find them stunning, with the one called H. palustris marginally hardier and more robust here in South Central Ontario. I confess to partaking in a little ‘assisted migration’ by growing the plant outside its native range.

  3. Ian

    More years ago than I like to think about, as an undergrad, I was tasked with using Hibiscus moscheutos (at the time, Linnaeus was only just dead a few years…kidding) herbarium sheets at Cornell U to see if I could assemble a center of diversity for the genus. Crude but after going over many sheets collected from all around the US and then going into the books on the genus Hibiscus globally, I think I came up with China. The center of diversity and the center of origin of a genus are critical when new germplasm might be needed to expand the variation of genes and alleles for breeding plants like apples, coffee… any plant. Climate change makes this all the more so. Although tedious gathering this data, the results were so fascinating to me. To this day I think about the center of diversity of all of my fruit trees.

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