5 responses to “Haworthia truncata”

  1. Bonnie

    Pouty green lips, oh yeah!

  2. Michdevilish

    That’s interesting; I have not noticed these plants before. But shouldn’t it be “perdetande”? (not to look a gift horse in the mouth!)

  3. Marilyn Brown

    “Perdetante” sounds to me like “lost aunt,” but I’m getting off the subject.

  4. Tamara Bonnemaison

    I don’t speak Afrikaans, but I got the name perderande from the site below:

  5. Tamara Backer

    As Afrikaans is close to Dutch but with its own crafty colonial twist –they have the chic especially for leaving off endings and/or making phonetic approximations of Dutch idiom– it might be worth distinguishing between something that sounds of latin/romance language origins (lost aunt, tante perdue ) and paarden tanden (horses teeth)….which when spoken with that delicious austral accent would sound like perdetande i.e. as it is written.
    Beautiful photos indeed!

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