5 responses to “Dysoxylum parasiticum”

  1. celia candlin

    This is such a fascinating flower – and photograph of it!
    I’m very curious about where it was taken. ?? – Was it
    taken in situ in some tropical rainforest…?
    Thanks! Celia

  2. Toinette Lippe

    Wikipedia says: Dysoxylum parasiticum trees grow naturally in Taiwan and throughout Malesia, to New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Queensland.Their habitat is rain forest from sea-level to 2,100 metres (7,000 ft) altitude.In Queensland they are found from sea level to 1,400 metres (5,000 ft), in such areas in the northeast as Mount Bellenden Ker.The photo above was, I think, taken in Australia from what I infer from Andreas’ Flicker photo.

  3. Peony Fan

    Great photo and interesting write-up. Thank you. Now, how can I use the word ‘cauliflory’ in casual conversation?

  4. george briggs

    If you are talking about chocolate in casual conversation (as is often the case) you could use ‘cauliflory’ because Theobroma cacao is similarly inclined.

  5. Dana D

    I was told the term for flowering directly from the trunk several years ago in a plant ID class, I did not write the term down and have tried to recall it several times since then. I am so happy to finally have the word! I guess the Swedish naturalist also would not be familiar with Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud) which also does this.

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