4 responses to “Argyroxiphium sandwicense subsp. macrocephalum”

  1. Helen Pressley

    What a wonderful plant! In the picture of the hiker and the silver sword in flower there seems to be a group of silverswords in the far mid-right of the picture. They all seem as though they might be starting to grow a flower stalk too. Is this a common thing when, for example, a large number of seeds from a single plant take root at about the same time? Thanks for showing us this gorgeous plant!

  2. Marian Whitcomb

    Um, just a suggestion, but phonetic pronunciation would be very helpful (especially for this amazing critter)!

  3. Tamara Bonnemaison

    If anyone knows how to pronounce this name, please let us know, because I certainly don’t! There are some phonetic pronunciation lists out there, but none that I have found that covers Argyroxiphium.

  4. Jeff Smith

    Found this (of all places – not what I would consider a source of higher botanical education or information but…)
    Looking at the pronunciation guide, it sounds right based on the spelling. I was also completely lost on how to get my mouth around it.
    Botanary: Argyroxiphium
    Meaning: From the Greek argyro (silver) and xiphos (sword)
    Pronunciation: ar-gy-roh-ZIF-ee-um
    Alternative Pronunciation: ar-ji-roh-ZIF-ee-um

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