4 responses to “Pycnostachys urticifolia”

  1. Janie Civille

    Yikes! So very beautiful, but looks like an excellent candidate for an extremely invasive species. Those armored sepals, like many thistles, will take those seeds far and wide. I love seeing plants from all over the world, but hope that folks will pause to think about our wild areas and North American species before bringing it here.

    1. Marilyn Hawkins

      I have it growing in sub tropical are of Australia and have not noticed it self seeding at all, but admit I trim it back after flowering as the seed heads are not at all appealing.

  2. Joanne Whitney

    I have used it as a picture for a presentation on Halloween and called it witch’s cap.

  3. Sue Frisch

    That lovely shade of blue is hard to photograph.

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