2 responses to “Jatropha cinerea”

  1. Eric Hunt

    Amusing story! I presume Jatropha does not possess toxic sap like so many other members of the Euphorbiaceae?
    This genus has been featured at least once before, 9 years ago: http://botanyphoto.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/2006/08/jatropha-integerrima/

  2. Maureen O'Brien

    I look forward to camping on a Baja beach, and will look for this plant.
    It is fascinating that Jatropha can be used in so many ways. Jatropha curcas provides a sustainable orchard crop to a community of people in Haiti. They manufacture soap and fuel from the oil of the seed. For more info. on this innovative project go to: peopleandplace.org

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