7 responses to “Davidia involucrata”

  1. Bonnie

    Very cool. I found many short videos of the handkerchiefs in motion.

  2. Veronica

    Tamara, The picture and your comments are both lovely.

  3. Tony Puddicombe

    When I taught this tree at The school of horticulture at KPU IN LANGLEY,the scientific name interested me,and I hope the students. Davidia refers to a Jesuit missionary who did a lot of botanizing in China.I used to refer to these Genus names as “the dead white guys” and lament that the names gave no clue to the trees morphology at all.I much prefer Symporicarpos albus etc.,names that give the students an image or colour (or both) to help remember the name.
    Thanks for the photos and writeups-it is a great way for me to revisit information because I retired from teaching a year ago!

  4. F. Joseph Peabody

    Thank you for this informative write-up. I was fascinated with this tree so I planted one in my front yard about three years ago. It has not yet flowered but has steadily increased in size. I am not sure how old it must be to flower, but if and when that occurs I will be there with my camera.

  5. Sandra Gray

    Last week I had the pleasure of a lovely specimen at Milner Gardens, Qualicum Beach.

  6. Van

    Beautiful. I first saw this tree in bloom on the state capital grounds in Salem, Oregon. It’s really amazing.

  7. Susan MacKenzie

    Have seen this beautiful tree at Kew Gardens and at Quarryhill Botanical Gardens here in the Valley of the Moon, Sonoma, Calif., where I live. What a treat.

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