6 responses to “Fissidens obtusifolius”

  1. Knox M. Henry

    Thanks for qualifying that this moss — which looks quite large in Robert’s excellent photo — is really very tiny and almost un-noticeable. Very interesting.

  2. Bonnie

    Yes, the minute I saw the word “moss” I realized that those leaves were probably a lot smaller than they looked, and also that their size probably explained their otherworldly appearance. Nice write-up! Even nicer photo!

  3. Charles Hines

    Great job, Tamara!

  4. Sue Frisch

    Go Tamara! Interesting commentary and a beautiful photograph….

  5. Florida Plantsman

    You have been doing an outstanding job with or without Daniel. Your postings have been interesting, informative and sometimes humorous. Very enjoyable reading and viewing. Thank you!

  6. ostedgaard

    would it be possible to put scale markers on the photos?
    would be nice to get an idea of size, especially with small plants like the moss.

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