5 responses to “Bonnemaisonia hamifera”

  1. Bonnie

    As just a plain old house wife I found this fascinating. Granted I can’t even pronounce some of the names. 🙂

  2. cherries walks

    Hey, do you know if this is the same family of red algea we get growing on the snow in the Swiss Alps? It sounds similar. Thanks!

  3. Marilyn Brown

    Such delicate beauty. I live very near Monterey Bay, and have spent many happy hours walking the beach and gazing at kelp fronds. I’m no longer able to do that, but with these photos I can smell the kelpy salt smell, fresh and clean and bracing ! Thanks, Tamara.

  4. Everette Lovell

    Best of blest days to all! It says to go the extra click, to be curious I thought today’s entry landed me a chance to hear a discoverer’s tale but I wasn’t quite put off after the great style the author exhibited. Very conversational. Enjoyed every submission read, including non-english speaking South Americans and Asians. What you have to contribute is more important than how you say it. Carry on cleverly!

  5. Tamara Bonnemaison

    Cherries walks: I didn’t realize some red algae grow on snow. Sounds fascinating! I’ll try to find out more, perhaps for a future entry.

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