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  1. Julie


  2. Clement Kent

    I grew the all-white form of Zaluzianskya using seed from Thompson & Morgan many years ago. This was in planter boxes in Toronto, grown as an annual. It was a poor performers in my hands, probably due to the much higher heat in Toronto.
    This would make sense if it is a plant best in cooler climes or spring bloom periods, like Nemesia, Schizanthus, and so many of the California annuals. Your post helped me understand this is likely to be the case.

  3. Heather

    Hello Eric—
    where could I get some seed for this plant- i love fragrance! We are in the Kootenays (interior BC)- I realize it would be an annual…..
    I have done a brief check online, but seeds are either in the uk, and I can’t seem to find the orange-eye one in seed. We have a small nursery / farm: http://www.beegladefarm.com
    Really love these posts and pics!

  4. Alison Place

    For anyone who’s interested, there’s no problem ordering seeds from abroad. I’ve ordered seeds from the UK, France, Australia, Italy, Malta, South Africa, USA, China, etc., and never run into any problems, either by mail, or declaring at the border (except that the automatic sorters can crush unpadded seeds). The CFIA regulations have an exemption for small lots of flower seed.
    So far, I’ve only germinated Z. capensis ‘Midnight Candy’, from Thompson & Morgan, although I also have Z. ovata and Z. pulvinata to try this year. I bought my original seeds in 2001, but didn’t get around to growing them until 2011 (I have way too much seed), and they still had a high germination rate. Dry-stored at room temp, by the way.
    T&M seem nearly defunct this side of the Atlantic, but one can get a packet of 250 seeds from the UK, if you have a British friend who can receive them and send them on to you.

  5. Tish Campbell

    While we are thinking of South Africa, the Cape region had some serious fires this past season. For images of what plants are sprouting post fire:
    (A photographer’s site… don’t have any personal connection. )

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