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  1. Jane / MulchMaid

    What a little charmer. Thanks for this delightful spring writeup!

  2. Peter Warner

    Not to rain on the parade (wishful thinking), but this doesn’t sound like much of a plant for a North American west coast in the grips of long-lasting drought, with water supplies dwindling to historic lows and no precipitation in sight. I do think such qualifications about proposals for gardens should be made clear — this Primula might do well in areas with ample water, rainfall or plentiful reservoirs in snow or ice or lakes, but entertaining planting horticultural entries from mesic climates into drought-stricken gardens seems a bit ecologically misinformed.

  3. Donald Schall

    BPotD followers wanting to read about collecting in Asia would enjoy “Land of the Blue Poppy” by F. Kingdon Ward (1986), ISBN 0946313660. It’s a fascinating book.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Peter, I believe Tamara did sufficiently write about the ecological requirements.

  5. merrill jensen

    Thank you for mentioning the Plant Collections Network collection for the genus Primula at the Jensen-Olson Arboretum in Juneau, Alaska. We are very proud of this collection at our young public garden (we opened in 2007). The collection is approaching 200 species and cultivars that thrive in our cool maritime climate. After our very mild winter, Primula are poking out of the ground left and right and it will soon be a riot of spring color in just a few more weeks… Thanks again,
    Merrill Jensen

  6. Alice

    Although we are all concerned about water use, some of us do have wet, boggy areas in our gardens that persist well into summer (underground springs?) so knowing what will do well in wetter areas is good. Right plant, right place, and all that.

  7. Robin Day

    Near Lijiang Yunnan (sandwiched between Sichuan and Burma)is a small museum to Kingdon Ward and his plant hunting travels. This is in the foot hills of the Chinese Himalayas, north of Dali. There are several pictures of Kingdom and his very handsome personal assistant-bodyguard, both wrapped in tasteful furs, quite camp! They were followed by armed bandits. The dangers of plant collecting. Was there in 2006.

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