5 responses to “Greyia sutherlandii”

  1. Elizabeth Revell

    Ooh, my. That is beautiful.

  2. Alison Place

    Does anyone know what the locals’ names mean, or why they call it what they do? The English name is fairly plain, considering how spectacular the flowers are!

  3. DrBob

    What a difference one letter can make: change the e in the genus name to an a, and you get Grayia – a pokey gray shrub of the deserts of western North America. Grayia also celebrates a mid nineteenth century botanist: Asa Gray, the eminent Harvard botanist. Grayia is a Chenopod recently moved to the Amaranthaceae. Grayia is way less showy than Greyia: http://www.calflora.org/cgi-bin/species_query.cgi?where-taxon=Grayia+spinosa
    Does anyone know of this plant in horticulture?

  4. Elaine

    Thank you for including the African names for this bush.

  5. kathryn corbett

    Uhm, I really appreciate the feminist political point of view! Thanks.

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