4 responses to “Actinidia deliciosa”

  1. SensuLato

    Daniel – awesome foto! Am going to try this technique. Out here in the Aleutians we get plenty of fog and misty lighting… thanks very much for posting this. Just beautiful.
    Any idea why this plant crashed? Weather? Wind? Age? It’s own weight and the Hemlock’s fragile branches? Creatures swinging from it (hahahaha). Just curious.
    Thanks again.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    As to why the plant crashed: most lianas in the Garden are growing on our native second-growth conifers. We have no native vining plants in British Columbia that approach anywhere near the size of these woody vines, so our conifers are not adapted to bear the mass (among other things). I suspect it was wind as a trigger (which it often is for damage in the Garden here around March or November).
    Creatures often do swing from the lower thick-stemmed parts of the kiwi, though we do discourage it since they may trample nearby plantings with their little feet.

  3. Jerry

    This is one the best posts I have come come across in a long time.

  4. Kathleen Bell

    I love your emails and forward them to my mom and several other gardening members of my family. When I see that the David C. Lam Asian Garden is going to be featured, I know the post will be especially good. Sure wish I could go there sometime! Thanks for your excellent work!

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