6 responses to “Magnolia sprengeri ‘Eric Savill’”

  1. Ron B

    Something I don’t see mentioned at linked to discussions is that tepals opening rumpled is typical of this cultivar. I see this as a spoiling defect, making many of the flowers look as though they had been damaged in the bud stage.

  2. Sue Frisch

    Lovely pair of photos…while I look out the window at a persisting 12 to 18 inches of snow covering the ground, bare trees, etc., it’s good to learn that somebody somewhere is seeing light and color and flowering plants!

  3. Marilyn Brown

    “Illuminating” description ! I’m not an artist or serious photographer, but love to be aware of light falling on surfaces and textures. These short paragraphs help me see more. Thank you.

  4. Wendy Cutler

    The photo from that previous entry (a month later in 2011) is also stunning. Interesting writeup about colour perception, and I liked the link for the dress colour article better than what I read two days ago.

  5. John Woolliams

    Crumpled tepals just add to the beauty of Magnolia blooms and the colours of your photo are exquisite. Would that it’d go viral too. Thanks for this.

  6. Robin Day

    Magnolia has these early flowers and I have been looking at palm flowers, the males flowers many stamens the females with no petals, just the calyx and ovary. The monocots diverged very early.

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